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   September 11, 2023

Dear friends!

The 16th International Exhibition of Thermal Equipment and Technologies "Heat Treatment - 2023" and 20th International Exhibition "Cryogen-Expo. Industrial Gases - 2023" will be held on September 12 - 14, 2023 at the Expocentre Fairgrounds, Pavilion 7, Halls 1, 2.


Exhibitions working hours:

September 12 and 13 - from 10.00 to 18.00

September 14 - from 10.00 to 16.00.


Heat Treatment Exhibition:

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Cryogen-Expo. Industrial Gases Exhibition:

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See you at the exhibitions!

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źSurgut. Gas. Expo╗ Specialized Exposition
Salon źCryogenic Techniques and Technologies╗

Time of realization: September 24 ľ 26, 2008.

Venue: Tennis Centre, Bystrinskaya Street 18/4, Surgut.

The Organizers of the Exposition are: the źGasprom Pererabotka Surgut╗ Ltd of the źGasprom╗ Open Joint Stock Company, źGasprom Transgas Surgut╗ Ltd of the źGasprom╗ Open Joint Stock Company and the źYugran Contracts╗ Regional Expo Centre.

The Organizer of the Salon źCryogenic Techniques and Technologies╗: źExhibition Company źMir-Expo╗ Ltd, Moscow


In order to develop and widen the 13th Specialized Exposition źSurgut. Oil and Gas - 2008╗ and to attract attention of the professional target audience, which is interested in the development of the gas complex, the organizing committee of the project decided to carry out the separate special exposition źSurgut. Gas. Expo╗ and the salon źCryogenic Techniques and Technologies╗ which will be held in 2008.

The main aim of the exposition:

Is to demonstrate the achievements and facilities of the companies producing the oil, gas and cryogenic equipment; to meet the requirements of the Yugra fuel and energy complex of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug; to form the market infrastructure; to accelerate the application of the domestic and foreign technologies in industry.

We invite the companies involved in the all spheres of gas industry: gas exploration and extraction; gas-field construction, maintenance and operation; gas and gas condensate transportation, gas storing, and processing etc.; research centers, laboratories, project companies; domestic and foreign producers and suppliers of the equipment and technologies for gas industry, etc. to take part in the exhibition

The Basic Subjects of the Exposition:

gas and gas condensate extraction, transportation and processing

gas and gas condensate storing in the underground storages

technologies and the equipment for producing liquefied, compressed gas and petroleum, oils and lubricants (POL)

gas using in the municipal services: gas utilities and gas-distributing networks; boilers, boiler-rooms and gas-burning devices, the municipal gas equipment

liquefied natural gas using as petrol; the monitoring equipment for gas industry

gas transportation and storage processes automation

equipment for the gas main pipelines construction and their maintenance, pipeline fittings

transport infrastructure etc.

źSurgut. Gas. Expo╗ and Salon źCryogenic Techniques and Technologies╗ include:

- over 100 companies-participants
- 6 countries-participants: Russia, Ukraine, France, Germany, the USA, Italy
- the exhibition area of 2, 000 sq.ý.
- the open exhibition area of 5, 000 sq.ý.
- 11, 000 visitors
- target audience:163 oil companies working in 5, 000 sq.ý.

Business program:

Within the frame work of the special exposition the extensive business program is planned to be carried out in the form of the conferences, seminars and round-table discussions aimed to discuss the problematic questions concerning the industry development and to carry out the presentation of new technologies and the equipment at the participantsĺ stands




Price in Euro
(without VAT 18%)

Registration fee (via 1 participant)

1 organization


Equipped exposition space

(Includes: walls, table, 2 chairs, frieze panel with inscription, waste-basket, cleaning,

night guarding, 10 lines information in the catalogue, 1 catalogue)

1 sq.m.


Unequipped exposition space

(Includes: cleaning, night guarding, 10 lines information in the catalogue, 1 catalogue)

1 sq.m.


Working place

(Includes: table, 2 chairs, cleaning, night guarding and information in the catalogue)

1 sq.m.


In absentia participation

1 organization



Registration. For participation in the exhibition the Exhibitor directs the Application contract and all necessary additions, filled in, signed and sealed. The Exhibitor confirms his consent to conditions of participation in the exhibition by granting the signed Application-Contract.

The order how to submit the information in the exhibition catalogue; a mode of protection during the exhibition; cleaning of stand; delivery and customs registration of cargoes are stipulated in addition.

Application for participation in an exhibition:

To submit the application form for participation it is possible two ways.

1. Download from our site variant of the application for a seal in MS Word , fill in the application and direct it by e-mail, or by fax +7 495 988-1620, further we shall expose to you the account;

2. Call in management of exhibitions on +7 495 988-1620, ask the top manager of an exhibition, he will send you an order form by fax and will answer all arisen questions.

Contact persons of the Exhibition Company "Mir-Expo":

Superviser: Larisa V. Utochkina

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