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   March 29, 2024

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Three busy working days of active work at the Composite-Expo 2024 and Polyurethanex 2024 exhibitions were held in an atmosphere of professional communication, acquaintance with new solutions, materials and technologies.

We thank the regular exhibitors of our events, and especially the companies that took part in them for the first time. In today's challenging environment, this is very valuable for the composites and polyurethane industries!

We thank visitors for their interest in the exhibitions and business program!

We will post final information on the events (press releases, photographs, video reviews of participants, statistics, etc.) on official websites in the near future.

The 17th International Exhibition Composite-Expo 2025 and the 16th International Exhibition Polyurethanex 2025 will be held at the Expocentre Fairgrounds in Moscow from March 25 to 27 2025.

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Mushrooms and mushroom growling
2-nd International Spesialized Trade Fair

Time of realization: october 6 - 10, 2006.

Venue: Center "Moskva", All-Russian Exhibition Center, Moscow, Russia.

Organizers: Exhibition Company "Mir-Expo".

Under of auspices of: Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry of Moscow region; Biology Department of the Moscow State University named M.V. Lomonosov; Moscow School of the Mushroom Growing; National Academy of Mychology; the All Russian Scientific Research Institute of Vegetable Growing.

Information support:

Official post-press release:

The International Specialized Trade Fair "Mushrooms and Mushroom growing" was held on October 6-10, 2006 at the Center "Moskva"", the All-Russian Exhibition Center, Moscow, Russia. The Exhibition Company "Mir-Expo" organized it.

The exhibition passed under the auspices of: Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry of Moscow Region; Biology Department of the Moscow State University named M.V. Lomonosov; Moscow School of Mushroom Growing; Russian Inter-Regional Mushroom Growers Association; All Russian Scientific Research Institute of Vegetable Growing, Moscow Agricultural Academy named K.I. Timiryazev.

The main purpose of the exhibition was to realize the action to establish new business contacts and partner relations, promote the exchange of experience between experts of the branch, create conditions for the further successful development of the mushroom growing in Russia. At the exhibition the various kinds of cultivated and wild-growing mushrooms, and their mycelia, the research development in the field of the mushroom growing, technologies and the equipment for cultivating, processing, storage and transport of food mushrooms, medical preparations based on mushrooms and mycelia there were represented. The special attention was given to qualified training the personnel for the mushroom growing.

Within the framework of the exhibition Professor L.V.Garibova and Doctor of Agricultural sciences K.L.Alekseeva have carried out the lectures for students-mycologist from the Moscow State University named M.V.Lomonosov and the Moscow Agricultural Academy named K.I.Timirjazev. Students could see the newest development in the field of mushroom growing, get acquainted with and consult the leading experts of the branch.

The exposition of the exhibition has reflected a modern condition of the mushroom growing, has shown the production of the Russian companies, near and distant foreign countries.

Conducting organizations have taken part in the exhibition, such as Agrocomplex Ledovo, Mico Trading, Santana, Technic, Country facilities Talan, Agrozhashita, the Center for fungotherapy after Irina A. Philippova and others. About 20 % of participants were the foreign companies: Sylvan, Dutch Mushroom Equipment Company (DME), the Christians Group and others.

The exhibition was visited by the heads of departments of the food and process industry of the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia and the Ministry of Agriculture and Foodstuffs of Moscow Region, the mushroom growing experts, representatives of profile scientific research institutes and educational institutions. The exhibition has caused the great interest of the representatives of the rural farmsteads of Russian Orthodox Church communities. At the exhibition the negotiations with priors of monasteries and temples on introducing the mushroom growing in their part-time farms there were carried out. It is pleasant to note, that among the visitors of the exhibition there was a great number of the starting mushroom growers who could not only receive the information about the training classes, the organization of the manufacture and the necessary equipment but also see the all things using their own eyes. Experts from the " Mushroom Growing School " magazine gave consultation on growing the cultivated mushrooms - agarics, champignons and shiitake both in the industrial conditions, and at the personal plots. The "Mushroom Growing School" also has carried out tasting based on mushroom production of the companies-participants of the exhibition among visitors.

According to experts of DME company from Holland: "We rose to the possibility of participating at this fair, as we see the great potential of the Russian market. We feel that the exhibition should have been promoted well in advance, as many visitors come from far away: Vladivostok, Altaiskyi Krai, Krasnodar, Kiev, Odessa, ets."

The Practical Research Conference "Mushroom Growing and Allied Biotechnologies. Innovations for Investments" was run on October 10 within the framework of the exhibition. Scientists and expert-practice delivered their lectures and reports, gave consultation on actual problems of the mushroom growing. The basic themes of reports were to establish the mushroom growing factories and enable them to sell their production, to cultivate and use the edible and medicinal mushrooms and also the substantiation of the recumbent of capital investments in the mushroom growing, the preparation of the qualified personnel for the mushroom growing, the modern safe systems to protect mushrooms from illnesses, the questions of processing the waste products. At the conference the informative report of the State Gossortcomission of Russian Ministry of Agriculture and Food Production of the Russian Federation on patenting the new cultivated edible mushrooms strains was delivered. Experts of the Moscow State University named М.В. Lomonosov spoke about the development in the field of technologies of cultivating the new kinds of edible and medicinal mushrooms. At the conference 20 conducting scientists and experts from Russia, Ukraine and Byelorussia in the field of mushroom growing there were acted.

The last exhibition "Mushrooms and Mushroom Growing" has got a support and caused an interest of experts from Russia, the countries of the CIS and distant foreign countries. It has found reflection in the publications of the mass-media, special television reports on the TNT and RTR channels.

The second specialized exhibition "Mushrooms and Mushroom Growing" will be held on October 6-10, 2006. Within the framework of the exhibition the scientific-practical conferences and seminars on mushroom growing also there are to be run. The location of the Fair is to be at the Center "Moskva", the All-Russian Exhibition Center, Moscow, Russia.

For further information, please contact the Organizing Committee of the specialized exhibition "Mushrooms and Mushroom Growing" by phone/fax: (495) 118-0565, 118-3683, 118-3688, or by e-mail:


Photos of the exhibition:

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List of the participants:


















The top manager of the exhibition:

Andrew V. Bannikov

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