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   March 29, 2024

Dear visitors and exhibitors!

Dear participants, visitors, colleagues!

Three busy working days of active work at the Composite-Expo 2024 and Polyurethanex 2024 exhibitions were held in an atmosphere of professional communication, acquaintance with new solutions, materials and technologies.

We thank the regular exhibitors of our events, and especially the companies that took part in them for the first time. In today's challenging environment, this is very valuable for the composites and polyurethane industries!

We thank visitors for their interest in the exhibitions and business program!

We will post final information on the events (press releases, photographs, video reviews of participants, statistics, etc.) on official websites in the near future.

The 17th International Exhibition Composite-Expo 2025 and the 16th International Exhibition Polyurethanex 2025 will be held at the Expocentre Fairgrounds in Moscow from March 25 to 27 2025.

Pre-booking of stands is now open!

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Gidrostroy - 2011, 2nd International specialized exhibition of facilities and technologies of hydro construction industry, Pavilion 2, Hall 5, IEC Crocus Expo Moscow, Russia, December 7 - 9, 2011Gidrostroy - 2011
2nd International specialized exhibition of facilities and technologies of hydro construction industry

Exhibition update: December 7 - 9, 2011.

Venue: Pavilion 2, Hall 5, IEC "Crocus Expo", Moscow, Russia.

The organizer: Exhibition Company "Mir-Expo".

Official report on the results:

The development of industrial and economic relations, scientific and technical information exchange, implementation and application of innovative technologies to the design, construction and operation of hydraulic structures (HS) are the main goals of the Second International Specialized Exhibition "Gidrostroy."

According to the participants reviews, the exhibition completed its work successfully, clearly demonstrating the problem solving both to the organizer of the exhibition, the Exhibition Company "Mir-Expo", and to the exhibitors.

Despite the continuing influence of the economic crisis and the difficult situation in the construction industry, the growth of industrial production in Russia in 2010 - 2011's activated the majority of industrial markets including the hydraulic structure construction market. The evidence of it is the increase of the participants number and of the ground area of the exhibition Heat Treatment compared to the last year one. By promoting the positive development of the industry, the exhibition "Gidrostroy" is meant to represent all the areas of construction in the aquatic environment, to demonstrate the development of scientific-research organizations, domestic and foreign companies.

The active participation of not very numerous, but "quality" exhibitors allowed to get acquainted with the latest technologies, to generalize domestic and international experience of hydraulic engineering development, and to confirm positive prospects, giving an impulse to problem solving in the interests of various economic sectors.

The main exhibition sections are the following: technologies of underwater construction, special equipment and tools for hydraulic engineering, materials and design for construction, maintenance and repair of hydraulic structures, construction and strengthening of shorelines, construction of sheet series, docks and quays; ports and installations for water transport service, construction and operation of hydropower facilities, seismic resistance of hydraulic structures, production of underwater engineering and diving, equipment for underwater work, underwater development of the soil; dredging, design and creation of artificial territories; hydro alluvial technology; soil replacement, construction of salvage pockets, bypass systems, design and construction of piers, sealing joints in industrial and civil construction, strengthening of road embankments, construction of underwater pipelines, production of pontoon bridges and overpasses, corrosion technology, reclamation areas, land reclamation, geologic and geodetic surveys, environmental equipment, water treatment, water treatment and more.

The area of the second exhibition increased by 20% to about 500 square meters. There were 27 participants, including two foreign companies from the Netherlands and Switzerland.

The peculiarity of the exhibition is an extensive range of services, equipment and materials for the needs of industrial customers.

Zapsibgidrostroy Trust presented its services in an integrated design and construction of hydraulic structures, ports, berthing front, ground infrastructure, hydropower plants, dams, piers, as well as in underwater-technical and diving operations. Since 1989, the team of Zapsibgidrostroy Trust has developed and implemented the new types of piles. It is based on rabbet joint end pipe having a number of significant advantages over other types by definition (equal stiffness in all directions, any angle of rotation axis of the cutoff wall, by the order of magnitude higher performance of load carrying capacity). The company has 12 patents for the invention.

Hydrotechnical engineering and construction company "Aquatic" offers a comprehensive survey of hydraulic structures (HS), including diving, developing projects on construction, reconstruction and repair of hydraulic structures, engineering survey, including geological, geodetic and cartographic works. The company also provides a compilation of safety declarations of the hydraulic structures, an inspection of vessels, supervised by the Russian River and Maritime Register of Shipping and the Lloyd's Register.

Excavator company Waterking BV has contributed to the provision of care for pits, canals, lakes and rivers since 1990. The company has a fleet of new vessels with specialized equipment, which, together with an innovative approach, allows them to develop their activity on the market of excavation works of large volume.

Modern and efficient solutions for strengthening of the banks and improvement of coastal areas were offered by the "Baltiyskie Berega" company. The company is using sheet piles made of composite material and PVC, which are effective and practical solution to stabilize the shoreline of rivers, lakes, seas and man-made reservoirs.

Dredgers of small and middle class, as well as various devices of its own production for the extraction of nonmetallic minerals were provided by NPO Zemsnaryad. The company is the first in Russia and in the world, which has used plastic pipes for the construction of slurry pipelines for industrial-type careers, thereby reducing the launch date pits several times and the cost of launching a career by about 15%.

The Geosystems company is one of the largest suppliers of materials for road construction for hydraulic, landscaping and landscape planning.

A wide range of hydrodynamic tools was presented by the company Hydraulic defense, being the official representative of HYCON, HYDRA-TECH and others. The company supplies hammers and concrete breakers, circular and chain saws, drills, ground drills, drills, stations, submersible pumps for underwater engineering, hydraulic engineering and dredging, as well as for road construction, rescue and other operations.

The specialized enterprise JSC "KurganShpunt" focuses on the production of welded sheet panels. Being an effective alternative to hot-piles, the company's products are used in the construction of retaining walls when constructing and reconstructing various facilities. An extensive assortment of panels allows constructing the wall with the moment of resistance from 1830 to 9995 cm3 / m. The increased width of the panels (1000 and 1500 mm) can significantly reduce construction time and costs.

The largest supplier of profiled metal industrial building, Trading Company EvrazHolding, has demonstrated a broad range of piling production of EVRAZ.

The largest Russian producer of pipe metal-roll "TMK" also exhibited in this section. Combining 24 enterprises located in Russia, USA, Romania and Kazakhstan, it has the largest among the world leaders capacity of production of the entire spectrum of steel pipes used in the construction of ports, quay walls and other hydraulic structures.

Aquabarrier presented AQUASTOP system of products for sealing joints for various purposes in industrial and civil construction. This system includes waterproofing dowels, expansion joints, decorative aluminum profiles, profile rubber swelling, swelling bentonite profile.

The company Carpi Tech SA, founded in 1963, has international experience and reputation in the field of waterproofing of hydraulic structures with geosynthetic membranes. The company has a huge number of unique patents, including the technology of subsea installation. Together with the official representative in Russia and in the CIS Corporation "TempStroySistem", the Carpi Tech SA company provides works on design, technical support and installation of waterproofing geomembranes and protective systems for all types of hydraulic structures.

"NPP SK MOST" Ltd. presented their achievements in the field of bridge structures. The competence of the company is exploration, design, repair and reconstruction of bridges and hydraulic structures, the unit of pavement, drainage systems, installation of construction joints, diamond cutting reinforced concrete structures. And also manufacturing and supply of patented products: pellets drain Kozinaki, roll waterproofing material Mostoplast, expansion joints series COP-8 and the "Torm-Bridge ", cast asphalt briquettes.

"PromHydroEnergoMash" LLC offered solutions in the design and manufacturing of complete buildings and structures, non-standard capacitance and crane equipment and construction of steel structures for various spheres of life.

"ROSPROMTEX Engineering", an industrial and engineering company specializes in design and construction in areas with particularly complicated geological and climatic conditions, using modern construction materials and geotechnology. The production range of the company includes gabion mattress and box-construction type, wire mesh with a double twisting hexagonal cells, bulk geotechnical grille.

Within three days of the exhibition "Gidrostroy" was attended by about 500 experts. The main visitors are the representatives of ministries and departments, heads and senior staff pool and water departments, enterprises and organizations of the construction sector, marine and river industry, energy, intelligence and mining and oil and gas industries, the sector of ecology and wildlife management, fishing industry, road construction, bridge-building, tunneling sector, utilities, design, installation and research areas, as well as other industrial enterprises and educational institutions.

The scientific-practical conference "Modern State and Prospects of Development of Hydraulic Construction in Russia" helped to achieve the main goals of the exhibition. At the conference the experts presented their reports:

1. "Application of a semi-circular profile sheet piles and combined walls in hydraulic engineering."
Petrov AI, LLC "form" (St. Petersburg)

2. "Bearing capacity of ice-resistant jacket trubobetonnyh fixed offshore platforms."
Shekhovtsov VA Tovstik PE, Tovstik M. Shekhovtsov AS, Civil Engineering, (St. Petersburg)

3. "The application of universal flexible protective concrete mats in hydraulic engineering."
Pronkina EV, Gorshkova OV, LLC "micron" (Voronezh)

4. "The use of geomembranes CARPI for repair and construction of hydraulic structures."
S. Khokhlov, LLC "Medis" (Moscow)

The Organizing Committee got generally positive reviews on the exhibition. The majority of the exhibitors expressed their intention to participate in the 3rd International Specialized Exhibition "Gidrostroy", which is scheduled for December 2012 in Crocus Expo, Moscow.

Gidrostroy - 2011 Exhibitors list:


AQUATIC, JSC, Russia, Moscow

Analitical Law Centre, Ltd., Russia, Stavropol

Baltiiskie berega Ltd., Russia, Kaliningrad region

Magazine Water Purification. Water Treatment. Water Supply (WWW), Russia, Moscow

Geosystem, JSC, Russia, Moscow

HYDRAULIC PRO Ltd., Russia, Moscow

Hydrotechnika, magazin, Russia, St.Petersburg

Hydrotechnika XXI, magazin, Russia, St.Petersburg

DOROGI Publishing House, CJSC, Russia, Moscow

Dorozhnaya derzhava, Magazine, Russia, St.Petersburg

EVRAZ, Russia, Moscow

NPO ZEMSNARYAD, LLC, Russia, St.Petersburg

KurganShpunt, JSC, Kurgan, Russia

CARPI TECH SA, Russia, Moscow

Mikron V, LL, Russia, Voronezh


NP-CMID, CJSC, Russia, St.Petersburg

NPP SK MOST Ltd, Russia, Moscow region, Balashikha

RCS Corporation, Russia, Moscow

PromHydroEnergoMash, LLC, Russia, Moscow

ROSPROMTEX inginiring, Ltd.,Russia, Dzerzhinsk

Management company Sakhalinugol, LLC, Russia, Sakhalin region, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk

StroyMetall, professional magazine, Russia, St. Petersburg

Trest Zapsipgidrostroy Ltd, Surgut, Russia

TMK, Russia, Moscow

Waterking, The Netherlands

Exhibition Photo Report:


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Organizing Committee:

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Project Manager: Alexander A. Golovin

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