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   March 29, 2024

Dear visitors and exhibitors!

Dear participants, visitors, colleagues!

Three busy working days of active work at the Composite-Expo 2024 and Polyurethanex 2024 exhibitions were held in an atmosphere of professional communication, acquaintance with new solutions, materials and technologies.

We thank the regular exhibitors of our events, and especially the companies that took part in them for the first time. In today's challenging environment, this is very valuable for the composites and polyurethane industries!

We thank visitors for their interest in the exhibitions and business program!

We will post final information on the events (press releases, photographs, video reviews of participants, statistics, etc.) on official websites in the near future.

The 17th International Exhibition Composite-Expo 2025 and the 16th International Exhibition Polyurethanex 2025 will be held at the Expocentre Fairgrounds in Moscow from March 25 to 27 2025.

Pre-booking of stands is now open!

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 - 2013,    , 26 - 28  2013 , ,  IMTECH - 2013

International Materials Science Forum

Time of realization: February 26 - 28, 2013.

Venue: Pavilion 1, Hall 4, Crocus Expo, Moscow, Russia.

Organizers: Exhibition Company "Mir-Expo".

Official partner: Russian Technologies State Corporation.

Information on activity:

26-28 February 2013 in the IEC Crocus Expo, the International Forum on innovative materials and technologies CH - 2013 has successfully passed. The organizer of which is the exhibition company Mir-Expo . The forum was held with the support of the SC Russian technologies.

In the exhibition part of the Forum the following companies took part:

- VIAM FSUE Russian Federation state research center, for the attention of visitors were presented ceramic composite materials, insulation materials, thermoelastoplastics, fabric materials, paste to remove the products of corrosion and deposition of coatings.

- Glynwed Russia - the official representative of the largest world manufacturer of technical ceramics Friatec AG. Specialization of the enterprise are the product of aluminum oxide, zirconium dioxide, silicon carbide, silicon nitride and aluminum nitride.

- MISIS national research technological University. The exposure of the participant were presented materials in metallurgy, new materials and materials science.

- Central research Institute of structural materials FSUE Prometheus - the world's largest research center in the field of materials science conducts fundamental-oriented research, including questions of a combination of various classes of materials in construction; develops materials of new generation, resource-saving technologies of their processing.

- The Company Technoinfo Ltd. - official distributor of the leading world manufacturers of technological and analytical equipment: Thermal Technology (USA), FEI (the Netherlands), Oxford Instruments (United Kingdom), Vac-Tec Co. (Korea), Xenemetrix (Israel), Keyence (Japan), Jordan Valley Semiconductors (UK) and a number of others.

Business program of the Forum consisted of Conference Intelligent materials, composites and nano-technologies, organizer: Federal state unitary enterprise Moscow state technical University named AD. Bauman, date: 26 February 2013; and the Seminar New materials production, organizer: national research technological University (MISIS), date: February 27, 2013. In the framework of the business program widely covered issues of receipt and use of construction materials and composites.

Conference Intellectual materials, composites and nano-technologies

Organizer: Federal state unitary enterprise Moscow state technical University named AD. Bauman

Date: February 26, 2013, IEC Crocus-Expo, Pavilion 1, exhibition hall 1, open area, beginning at 10.00.

The program of the conference:

10:30-10:45 Vladimir Nikolayevich Zimin, First Vice-rector - Vice-rector on scientific work of the MSTU. AD. Bauman word of Greeting Bannikov Vladimir Alekseevich, General Director of OOO "Mir-Expo", Vladimir Alexandrovich, Director of REC "" (IC) MGTU. AD. Bauman
Moderator: Reznik, Sergey Vasilyevich, Ph.D., Professor, head of the Department of CM-13 MGTU. AD. Bauman

10:45-10:55 Nelub Vladimir Alexandrovich Director of REC "" (IC) MGTU. AD. Bauman
The formation of the engineering centers at Universities as the Foundation for development of innovative directions of science and industry of Russia

10:55-11:05 Alyoshin Nikolay Pavlovich, Academician of RAS, head of the Department of MT-7 MGTU. AD. Bauman
Non-destructive testing of composite materials: state and prospects

11:05-11:15 Sirotkin Oleg Sergeevich corresponding Member of the RAS, General Director of JSC "NIAT"
Assessment of the effectiveness of the new field of application of composite materials

11:15-11:25 Lozinsky Sergey Victorovich Partner, Strategy Partners
Construction of the road map product group Intellectual materials

11:35-11:45 Chudnov Ilya Vladimirovich Deputy Director, chief designer of REC " NN " (IC) MGTU. AD. Bauman
Development of constructions of composites - a modern approach to the design, Zolotarenko Ivan Dmitrievich Leading engineer-designer of REC "NN" (IC) MGTU. AD. Bauman, Zaitsev Oleg Vladimirovich chief engineer- REC "NN" (IC) MGTU. AD. Bauman, Skiba Oleg Viktorovich Chief technologist of REC "NN" (IC) MGTU. AD. Bauman

11:45-11:55 Shelofast Vladimir Vasilievich-General Director of APM Win Machine, D.Sc., Professor of MSTU. AD. Bauman
Automation of calculations by the method of final elements of constructions made of composite materials in the system of APM Win Machine

11:55-12:05 Babin Anatoly Nikolaevich Head of laboratory, FSUE "VIAM"
Modification of nanoparticles binders for the PKM

12:05-12:15 Bessonov Ivan Viktorovich Head of the laboratory of development of new materials of REC "NMKN" (IC) MGTU. AD. Bauman
Promising binders for the composites on the basis of recycling components - new opportunities

12:15-12:25 Shaklein Oleg Lapshin, General Director of the "MashSpesialStroy"
Glass fiber reinforced plastics for wide range of civil applications: from the development of equipment to manufacture of finished products.

12:35-12:45 Kuvyrkin Georgy Nikolaevich D.Sc., Professor, head of the lb-2 MGTU. AD. Bauman
Evaluation of effective characteristics of composite, modified fullerenes

12:45-12:55 Mikheev Peter Viktorovich Head of the experimental-analytical laboratory of REC "NN" (IC) MGTU. AD. Bauman
Fiber-optic sensors Bragg, built-in composite - step to creation of intellectual systems of control of loaded constructions

12:55-13:05 Polezhaev Alexander Vladimirovich, Deputy head of the laboratory of development of new materials of REC "NN" (IC) MGTU. AD. Bauman
New biocomposites on the basis of the modified polyvinyl alcohol and inorganic filler

13:05-13:15 Fedotov Mikhail Yurievich Leading specialist of FSUE "VIAM"
Intelligent right - materials of new generation

13:15-13:25 Mikhailovsky K.V. Candidate of technical Sciences, associate Professor of the chair of the CM-13 MGTU. AD. Bauman
The formulation and implementation of methods of complex determination of thermophysical characteristics of carbon composite materials in a wide temperature range

13:25-13:35 Mironov Yuri Mikhailovich-Head of the laboratory of nanotechnologies of REC "" (IC) MGTU. AD. Bauman
Technological aspects of the receipt of nanomodificated of polymer composite materials

Seminar New materials production

Organizer: national research technological University (MISIS)

Date: February 27, 2013, IEC Crocus-Expo, Pavilion 1, hall 1, 10.00 - 13.30.

The themes of reports:

1. Irregularity factors of high-strength structural steels quality Alexander Kudry, Doctor of Science, Professor NUST MISIS, Doctor of Science, Sokolovskaya EA, Associate

2. Protective coatings produced on metal products by plasma and electrochemical methods. Alexander Racoh, Doctor of Science, Professor NUST MISIS

3. Production of carbon-carbon composite material by hot isostatic pressing method The department managerVNIIMETMASH

4. Design and creation of hard materials with nanoscale structure for the application of protective coatings. Pavel Bazhin, Dr. , Russian Academy of Sciences Institute of Structural Macrokinetics and Materials Science RAS

5. Modern trends in the development of iron-based structural materials Irina Rodionova, Doctor of Science , Professor I.P.Bardin Central Research Institute for Ferrous Metallurgy

6. Promising directions of development of functional coatings for providing of special characteristics of mass metal products Olga Livanova, Dr., I.P.Bardin Central Research Institute for Ferrous Metallurgy.

7. Innovation potential of engineering materials scienceVolkov Georgy , Doctor of Science, Professor Moscow State Technical University MAMI

8. New matrix for polymer composite materials based on the green biorenewable raw material Ivan Bessonov,Laboratory chief, Dr., Educational Engineering Center of Nanotechnology, nano- and microsystem technique Bauman Moscow State Technical University

9. Research of strained and deformed state of polymer composites in construction materials by embedded system of control based on optical sensors Peter Mikheev, Laboratory chief, Dr., Educational Engineering Center of Nanotechnology, nano- and microsystem technique Bauman Moscow State Technical University

10. Using the multilayer composite procurements for producing compact metallic materials with sub-micron structure Andrew Plokhin, docent Educational Engineering Center of Nanotechnology, nano- and microsystem technique Bauman Moscow State Technical University

11.Technological aspects of processing of nanomodified polymer composite materials Yuri Mironov, Laboratory chief, Dr., Educational Engineering Center of Nanotechnology, nano- and microsystem technique Bauman Moscow State Technical University

Visitors of the Forum IMTECH-2013 - managers and specialists of industrial enterprises of the metallurgical, air-cosmic, defense industries, the oil and gas sector, machine-building, engine building, scientific-research areas, as well as other industrial enterprises, research and educational institutions.

25-27 February 2014 in Expocentre Crocus-Expo will be held the Second international Forum on innovative materials and technologies IMTECH-2014.


* Exhibition was held together with the international exhibitions Composite-Expo 2013, Polyurethanex - 2013, Adhesives and Sealants 2013, RusLite 2013.

IMTECH 2013 photos:

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Ekaterina N. Sokolova

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